Let us show you how our proprietary Lead Generating Platform can consistently deliver high quality, exclusive, and precise real time leads to your dealership daily.

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It’s All About Leads!

Our company, Dealer Marketing Resources, LLC, has created an inexpensive and yet extremely effective way for dealers to generate unlimited, high quality, in-the-market, exclusive real time leads, month after month.

Everything you do at your dealership revolves around generating leads. For a small monthly investment, we can increase your lead count dramatically and consistently.

What makes us different is that with our marketing platform, we will give the consumer the information they are interested in up front. And by doing so, we will get their contact information 100% of the time!

Here's How It Works

Today's Popular Approach:

In an effort to acquire leads, most dealers have structured the ads on their company website as shown below, hoping that the consumer will be curious enough to click on one of the buttons designated by the yellow arrows.

However, to be successful with this approach, the consumer must first give the dealer their contact information.

And once the consumer clicks on the button, they are required to fill out this form in order to move forward.

And as we all know too well, sometimes that information isn’t 100% accurate for the obvious reason, the majority who complete the form do NOT want to be contacted by some slick talking, high pressure salesperson. They just want the information!

Enter Advanced Technology:

Our approach to acquiring the consumer’s contact information is the exact opposite, we will gladly provide them with the information they are calling about without having them give us anything. And as stated earlier, once they enter the extension number, you have now captured a high quality, fresh, exclusive, in-the-market lead!

The strategy used to capture this information is that we integrate advanced communication technology with your current internet marketing campaigns, and by applying “curiosity leveraged” overlays to the ad photo, the ad becomes a very powerful lead machine (see example below).

Basically, we entice the consumer, who is browsing your inventory, to call and listen to a non-intimidating 24/7 recorded toll free message (as opposed to talking with a live salesperson), by targeting their curiosity.

And the very moment they place the call, you will have captured their name and cell phone number, which translates into a very high quality, real-time, in-the-market lead that you can contact immediately.

To See How It Works
Call This Number Now!

Ext. 1001


This is an example of the alert notification which is sent by text to the person at the dealership.


This is an example of the alert notification that the caller receives by text, with two more to follow.

Here’s what happens once the consumer makes the call:

  1. The caller will hear a brief recording regarding the price, the unit, or whatever message you prefer to send. Once the recording ends, the caller will then receive instructions to press 1 to be connected with a sales associate, 2 to hear the message again, or 3 to just hang up.
  2. Up to 3 designated individuals in your store will immediately receive a text with the caller’s name, cell phone number, and specific unit of interest to call back in real time. This information will also be populated into a CRM (yours or ours).
  3. The caller will then receive 3 text messages from your dealership over a 72 hour period (24 hours apart) which are designed to keep your name in front of the consumer. The first one will be sent immediately.

All plans include the following:

  • Dealer administration account to manage campaign(s).
  • Distinct toll free number and your personal greeting.
  • Captures caller ID automatically and alerts you immediately.
  • Multi-stage follow-up text messaging for a 3 day dealer drip campaign.
  • Text-to-Speech messages, no need to record, you can just type.
  • 100 unique extensions/overlays that will track your advertising results.
  • Sophisticated CRM for you to track and follow up with these leads.

All you pay is a pre-set monthly recurring fee regardless of how many leads you receive and how many units you sell.

No monthly usage fees or any other monthly hidden charges.

There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at anytime.

For a no-obligation demonstration and
our current pricing please contact us today!


As a dealer you invest a lot of money each month in your company website and yet, most sites are yielding a very small percentage of the production that’s available. This is where we excel. We will maximize the results of your website’s production and deliver to you an unlimited amount of high quality leads, month after month, for a very low cost!

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